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Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club

WOMENS Bowls Results



Tuesday February 5 :
President Cheryl welcomed Carol Hellies a regular visitor from Bateau Bay, on what was a warm but pleasant summer’s day. We were reminded that the entries for the District Senior and Open fours are on the board and nominations close on February 12 2019 .The draw for the Club Minor Singles is on the board first round to be played Tuesday Feb 19. Happy Birthday wishes were extended to Joan Clayton who turned 80 this week Unfortunately Joan has not been in the best of health but we all wish her well
and hope to see her back on the green soon. Pennant players were asked to try to have some team practice on Saturday mornings as organising team getting together is hard with the Club and District events happening from now on til Pennant start in mid March. The Delegates report for February is on the board for all interested in reading it.
With all these formalities out of the way Match took the floor to introduce the players to compete in the Major Singles Semi Final. Doreen Dickson vs Ralda Graham marker Jean Thompson and, Toni Hanley vs Jo Cattley marker Carmen Colusso, Umpire Lyn Rippon and Controlling Body Kay Hodge.
Both Games were played with great spirit and sportsmanship. Ralda and Doreen
battled it out for 31 ends Doreen dominating the first 10 ends to be 11 -5 up. Not willing to lie down Ralda chipped away to bring the scores to 14 all on the 19th end. This trend continued and the scores once again level on the 26th end 19 all. 29th end 22 all . The tension growing but Doreen come through, scoring a 2 followed by a 1 on the next 2 ends to take out the match 25 -22. Meanwhile on the rink next to them Toni and Jo were battling each other, It was tight Toni up 5-4 after 6 ends, by the 12th end Jo had pulled away to 13-7 lead (Toni may have breathed a sigh of relief ). The girls played some lovely draw bowls but Jo managed to retain the lead, 19 -15 on end 22. Jo Closed off the game taking the final 6 shots in the
next 3 ends.

Thursday February 7:
Major Singles Final for 2019.. Doreen Dickson vs Joanne Cattley, President Cheryl Davies marker, umpire Cherilyn Brace, Kay Hodge Controlling Body. The players were greeted by a hot and quite humid day
with a bit of a breeze. The game was set to be a battle of draw bowling, both players had shown great form in the preceding rounds. By the 7th end Jo ahead by 2, 7-5 then she scored a series of
multiples to get to 13 -5 (Doreen may hay breathed a sigh of relief)’and probably did as she held Jo there for a few ends and taking the score to with in 3 by the 15th end but Jo broke the shackle and slowly pulled away although not without great deal of effort. By the 18th end Jo had a 10 shot lead and Doreen unfortunately was unable to hold her back. What a great game!! The final score not painting a picture of what truly close game of great bowling it was.

Joanne Cattley Major Singles Champion 2019



The men’s club are now running Sunday afternoon Mixed Bowls time is unchanged
at this stage 1pm for 1.30 play.




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