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Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club

MENS Bowls Results



Well, the year is drawing to a close with a very enjoyable Saturday" thank you" day to all the members who have been so supportive of the club during the year. Week after week you turn up for a game of bowls, with sometimes finding the selection not quite to your liking, but the game is played, and then the post game debrief is enjoyed by everybody. Your willingness to enter the club championships is a great sign of the health of the club with quite a few of the newer members aspiring to bigger and better goals.
Next year has already begun to be planned with the fours draw already up with the first and second rounds on the weekend of 11th and 12th of January. The district fours commence the weekend before with two teams entering from our club. Also up on the board is the entry for the major pairs so get out there and find a partner and have a crack; don't forget to put your entry fee of five dollars in the box as you put your entry in.

Results for the week:-
Wed. social:- winners:- John Power/ Ian Connelly/ Xavier Micallef;
runners up:- no idea as the cards disappeared before the Pres. could write it up.

Fri. social:-
overall winners:- Eric Bell/Charlie Fucile 2 wins +41;
runnersup:- Ron Hanley/ Rob Cattley 2 wins +14;
1st game winners:- Stan Croker/Brian Openshaw +17;
2nd game winners:- Mick Raftery/ Mick Duprez +8

Turkey trots:- winners:- Andy Gardiner/ Deano Jones/ John Taber;
runners up:- John Pickles/ Scott Ashworth/ Tony Micallef;
lucky door:- John Taber;
bog trophy:- John Pickles.


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